Comitato Scientifico

Chair of the ISWA Working Group on Biological Treatment of Waste
Chair of the ECN Task Group on Compostable Plastics
Senior Expert at CIC - Italian Composting and Biogas Association
Managing Director of Altereko sas, Consultancy on Recycling and Waste Management

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Currently he works as senior expert at the Italian Composting and Biogas Association (C.I.C.), which unites public and private companies, local authorities and others involved in the production of compost. In the last years he took over the responsibility for the association’s certification scheme for compostable plastics.

Marco has 20 years of experience in planning consistent MSW management, designing and up­grading of collection and transport schemes, assessing recycling facilities (focus on composting), working in multi-linguistic, multi-tasking working groups or projects  both in ´high-´ and ´low to middle income’ countries in Europe, Latin America and Asia.

With a specific engagement for MSW solutions in cities he supported the City of Milan (Italy) in setting up the recycling scheme for food waste in 2012 and defined the strategy for organic waste diversion and recycling for the Mega-City of Sao Paulo do Brazil.

Marco is highly considered as an expert who conceives waste and recycling issues going beyond tech­nical details, having acquired pro­found experience also in institutional, socio-economic topics and prosumer related issues.  

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