Palinsesto Convegnistico
  • Martedì 5 Novembre 2024
  • 10:15 - 17:00
  • Memo
  • Agorà Tiberio - Water Cycle Area pad. D8
  • inglese
  • a cura di Ecomondo STC & Union for the Mediterranean, Water Europe, Marche Polytechnic University, University of Bologna, ANBI (National Association of Land Reclamation and Irrigation Consortia)
  • with speeches and posters from the Call for Papers 2024

Climate change is exacerbating both water scarcity and water-related hazards (such as floods and droughts), as rising temperatures disrupt precipitation patterns and the entire water cycle. The Mediterranean basin is a climate change hotspot and projected climate water-related risk from IPCC are serious. Water solutions include healthy aquatic ecosystems and improved water management can lower greenhouse gas emissions and provide protection against climate hazards, wetlands also serve as a buffer against extreme weather events, early warning syste s for floods, droughts and other water-related hazards, water-resilient infrastructure planned and constructed following a systemic and nexus-based approach, climate smart agriculture. This workshop will be divided in n.3 sessions addressing main challenges and solutions with contributions from international networks and consortia, water authorities, agencies and utilities as well as the innovators.

Session 1:
Climate change observed, monitored and projected impacts

Session Chairs
Alessandro Bratti, Po River Basin Authority
Giuseppe Bortone, ASSOARPA

Session 2:
Solutions for adaptation: resilient reconstruction, alternative water sources, improved reservoirs, etc

Session Chairs
Attilio Toscano, Ecomondo STC and University of Bologna
Representative of UTILITALIA (TBC)
Representative of ANBI (TBC)
Representative of Italian Ministry of Environment and Energy Security (TBC)
Representative of Italian Ministry of Infrastructures and Transport (TBC)
Representative of Commissioner for dams (TBC)

Session 3:
Strategic and systemic EU-funded and international innovation actiions and missions (HEU, PRIMA, grandi LIFE) focus Mediterraneo

Session Chairs
Representative of Union for the Mediterranean (TBC)
Andrea Rubini, Water Europe
Francesco Fatone, Ecomondo STC and Marche Polytechnic University