• Martedì 5 Novembre 2019
  • 14:00 - 18:00
  • Memo
  • Sala Ravezzi 1 Hall Sud

Organized by: Ecomondo Scientific Technical Committee, The Italian Embassy in Cairo, ICE, Camera di Commercio italiana in Egitto

* Il pre-accredito consente, al termine della fiera, di ricevere gli Atti di Maggioli Editore, una raccolta delle relazioni pervenute per i nostri convegni  tramite Call for Papers. Il pre-accredito non garantisce il posto a sedere*

This event is the follow up of a high level Egypt-Italy meeting held in Cairo on December 2 and 3 2018, where Representatives of Italian and Egyptian public and the private sectors shared their Country needs and opportunities in the field of sustainable management and valorization of waste and waste-waters.

The meeting on waste was focused on the prevention, collection, recycling and valorization of civil and industrial waste, including the special and dangerous ones, with a specific focus on plastic, electrical and electronic and biological/organic waste, both domestic and industrial. Case studies will also be presented concerning the monitoring and treatment of contaminated sites and polluting gas streams, often associated with waste management.  The session of water and wastewater management was based on the alternative water sources as well as circular approaches to municipal, industrial agricultural water and wastewater management as sustainable strategies to be implemented locally. Representatives from Egyptian companies and institutions presented the Country needs and opportunities on waste and wastewater management and valorization and leading Italian companies presented their technical solutions, business cases and success stories on the same sectors. 

This event in Rimini aims to highlight the investments that the Egyptian government intends to make in the next 5 years in environmental infrastructures, in the sector of energy supply from renewable sources, in the management of industrial and organic waste with agri-food purposes, in the sector of water procurement, transport and mobility.

The scope of this new event is to further define the priorities in terms of green investment and the joint partnerships required for addressing the needs and opportunities of two countries and this via a deeper discussion of the priorities followed by tailored visits to the exhibition areas where the main and most advanced technologies and processes are displayed and presented.




Opening remarks

Introduction by HE Ambassador Giampaolo Cantini (Skype connection)

Representative of Italian Ministry of Environment (TBC)

Head of Cabinet of the Egyptian Ministry of the Environment (TBC)

Enrico Granara, Deputy General Manager of the Political Affairs Department of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation (TBC)

Prof. Fabio Fava, University of Bologna

Patrizia Cecchi, Italian Exhibition Group


I session: management and integrated valorization of waste



Fabio Fava, Technical Scientific Committee Coordinator Ecomondo


Speakers and Case Studies to be defined (Montello spa, Fatersmart group, Entsorga spa, Italgen, Maccaferri; ENI spa IVECO, SNAM)

A representative of BEI 


Site visit of the delegations to the expo area where the main companies working in the waste exploitation are displaying their products and processes



II session: management and integrated wastewater and water.




Francesco Fatone, Marche Polytechnic University

To be defined


Speakers and Case Studies to be defined

(Veolia Group, Hera Group, Fisia Impianti spa, IREN)


Head of Cabinet of the Egyptian Ministry of the Environment


Site visit of the delegations to the expo area where the main companies working in the wastewater clean up and exploitation and water management are displaying their products and processes


Signing of the agreement with ATF and launch of the Italian collective area during Egypt Waste and Watrex by ICE

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