Ecomondo 2023
  • Mercoledì 8 Novembre 2023
  • 10:30 - 11:30
  • Memo
  • Textile District - Workshop Area pad. B3
  • inglese
  • a cura di Sistema Moda Italia

TRICK Project (No.958352) aim to facilitate the transition toward an increasingly circular model, providing a complete, reliable, SME-affordable, and standardised platform to support the adoption, tracing, and demonstration of sustainable and circular approaches in the Textile & Food sector. The TRICK platform will use Blockchain technologies to become a standard for the entire European industry, demonstrating its ability to manage product data securely and reliably. Six services are important for stakeholders to implement and measure their traceabillity and transparency targets as secured traceability and PCO, circular manufacturing assessment, PEF and environmental footprint, health protection assessment, social and ethical protection assessment, AI for Anti-counterfeiting. The workshop will be dedicated to the core of this six services TRACEABILITY. At the event, we'll be showcasing TRICK's Traceability service, providing insights into its features and various aspects. We will delve into the specifics of the services under development within TRICK and how our industrial partners can effectively benefit from it.

Presidente di sessione

Mauro Sampellegrini, Responsabile Area Ricerca e innovazione, Sistema Moda Italia


10.30 Introduction by Mauro Sampellegrini, R&I manager of Sistema Moda Italia


Judith Bosch, Project Manager at ETP- European Technlogy Platform

Carla Fitè, Galan Project Manager and Researcher at UPC Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya
Piero De Sabbata, Consultant and expert of the sector

Q&A Session

Wrap UP from Mauro Sampellegrini, R&I manager of Sistema Moda Italia