• Venerdì 11 Novembre 2022
  • 11:00 - 13:00
  • Memo
  • Sala Reclaim Expo Pad. C1
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Organized by: Ecomondo Scientific Technical Committee & Electra (H2020 partners)

The ELECTRA project aims to jointly develop and test highly innovative bio-electrochemical systems-based remediation biotechnologies at laboratory scale in environmentally relevant conditions and bring the four most efficient technologies to the field in both China and Europe.
A diverse set of technologies has been developed because: (i) the matrices in which pollution occurs are highly diverse, requiring different approaches, (ii) the types of pollutants to be addressed is equally diverse, and (iii) multiple technologies have been tested and brought at pilot stage. 
The workshop is targeted at professionals from the bioremediation and remediation sector, which are interested in new treatment technologies. It will also discuss remediation market opportunities for European companies in China.

Session Chair

Prof. Philippe Corvini, FHNW, Switzerland


11.00 Introduction by the administrative coordinator
Prof. Philippe Corvini, FHNW, Switzerland

11.05-11.25 Scientific overview and introduction to bioelectrochemical systems
Prof. Korneel Rabaey, Electra Scientific Coordinator and University of Gent, Belgium (on-line talk)

11.25-12.25 Presentation of the 4 most efficient technologies and their performances at pilot sites
Prof. Sebastia Puig, University of Girona, Spain

12.25-12.40 Challenges and opportunities of environmental technologies in penetrating the Chinese market
Abraham Nunez, Metfilter, Spain

12.40-12.45 Where can you find technical documents and scientific publications resulting from Electra project?
Prof. Nicolas Kalogerakis, TUC, Greece

12.45-13.00 Roundtable discussion with the participants 

13.00 End of the workshop (by the chair)