• Martedì 3 Novembre 2020
  • 14:00 - 18:00
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Organized by: Ecomondo Scientific Technical Committee, BLUEMED WG - EuroMed GSOs, BLUEMED CSA, PlasticsEurope, Federchimica

Launched in November 2019, the BlueMed Pilot Initiative Healthy Plastic-free Mediterranean Sea is the reaction of countries of the area to reduce the risk posed to the environment and human health by plastic pollution. It mainly facilitates the interconnection among international governance structures, technical innovation and major national initiatives addressed to reduce and prevent plastic litter across the Mediterranean Basin. This event, jointly organized by the Euro-Mediterranean Group of 16 Senior Officials of BLUEMED Initiative (www.bluemed-initiative.eu) and PlasticsEurope, is aiming specifically at sharing and compare the best practices adopted by the main plastic operators and manufactures of the area for a smarter local use, management and recycling of plastics. New alliances among various stakeholders of the local plastic value chains and new sustainable economic models for the Mediterranean plastic industry will be also promoted.  A technical position paper on the outcomes of the event will be prepared and then valorized in the frame of the PlasticsEurope and the ministerial representatives of the BLUEMED GSOs.    

Section Chairs
Sigi Gruber, European Commission
Fabio Trincardi, CNR
Anne-Gaelle Collot, PlasticsEurope


14.00 Introduction by the Chairs

Introduction by the Ministry of the Environment (Italy) (TBC)

Session I – Setting the scene

14.20-14.40 Capitalize on the National Hubs: the BlueMed Pilot Initiative Healthy Plastic-free Mediterranean Sea
Fabio Fava, Italian representative BLUEMED GSO

14.40-15.00 Shared vision for a new plastic economy paradigm.
Mario Ceribelli - Covestro , President Mediterranean Advisory Board PlasticsEurope

15.00-15.20 A stakeholder-oriented and innovative digital framework for a healthy Mediterranean Sea
Fabio Rotondi, FacilityLive - delegate for the SEMED Platform

Session II – Visions and actions from Mediterranean plastic operators

15.20-15.35 Vassilis Gounaris-BASF President of AHPI (Hellenic Plastic Association)

15.35-15.50 Yavuz Eroglu-SEM Plastik President of PAGEV (Turkish Plastic Association)

15.50-16.40 PlasticsEurope’s Network of Mediterranean associations: the best practices, priorities and opportunities of circular economy for the plastic producers of the Mediterranean area

Cvetanka Todorova  - Bulgaria (BAP);
Gordana Pehnec Pavlovic - Croatia (HGK);
Vullnet Haka - Albania (APKA);
Mirspad Jasarspahic - Bosnia Herzegovina (KFBIH);
Ilias Mamalis - Greece (AHPI);
Daniela Cosmoiu - Romania (ASPAPLAST);
Vojislav Bogdanovic  - Serbia (JUPLAS);
Yavuz Eroglu -Turkey (PAGEV);
Eric Quenet - France (PlasticsEurope France);
Juan Ruiz - Spain (PlasticsEurope Ibérica);
Antonello Ciotti - Italy (COREPLA)

16.40-17.00 Discussion and identification of the main actions to be taken in the area

17.00 – 17.30 Transboundary Capitalization towards the Black Sea
Sigi Gruber (EU Commission), Michael B. Christides (BSEC- Black Sea Economic Cooperation), Giuseppe Riva (PlasticsEurope - Mediterranean Region)

Closure (by the chairs)