• Mercoledì 27 Ottobre 2021
  • 10:00 - 13:30
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  • Sala Ravezzi 1 Hall Sud
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Organized by: Ecomondo Scientific Technical Committee and APRE – Agency for the Promotion of European Research 

The European Green Deal is the European Commission’s roadmap to make Europe the first climate neutral continent by 2050. To reach this goal, action is required by all fields of the EU economy, including decarbonizing the energy sector, investing in environmental-friendly technologies, cooperating with international partners to improve global environmental standards, and so on.

For the last and biggest call under Horizon2020 – known as European Green Deal call – the EC tabled €1 billion for an ambitious action plan, designed to respond to the climate change crisis by providing more protection to Europe’s biodiversity and habitats, accelerating a sustainable recovery.  For a systemic transformation towards a climate-neutral EU, the call included 8 thematic areas, reflecting the key workstreams of the Green Deal, and 2 horizontal priorities, strengthening knowledge and empowering citizens. The holistic approach that underpins the Green Deal call and the whole H2020 Programme, will be boosted in the new R&I Funding Programme until 2027, known as Horizon Europe. Such approach can be found in Horizon Europe Work Programme and mainly in the Clusters (green technologies for cultural heritage in CL2; climate-related disasters in CL3; green manufacturing and production, digital and emerging technologies and space applications in CL4, exc.). Among all, Cluster 5 and Cluster 6 are those that most reflects the objectives of the Green Deal – which will have a thematic approach focused respectively on "Climate, energy and mobility", and “Food, Bioeconomy, Natural Resources, Agriculture and Environment”. The workshop will investigate the first results coming from the Horizon 2020 Green Deal call in a long term prospective toward Horizon Europe.

Section Chairs

Serena Borgna, Agency for the Promotion of European Research - APRE
Christian Pattermann, Advisor to the State Government of North-Rhine Westphalia (NRW), Germany & Former Director EU Commission, DG RTD, Environment and Bioeconomy, Brussels

Section Programme

10.00-10.15 The European green deal policy: the green transition
Giovanni De Santi, Director, Directorate for Sustainable Resources, JRC - Joint Research Centre

10.15-10.30 Green deal call in H2020: aims and results
Dick Beckers, Director, European Climate, Infrastructure and Environment Executive Agency - CINEA  (TBC)

10.30-11.30 A view from the winners: a roundtable discussion with projects funded in the H2020 GD call

11.30-11.50 The European Green Deal in the frame of the Italian PNR
Raffaele Liberali, Ministry of University and Research

11.50-12.10 The European Green Deal in the frame of the PNRR
Renzo Tomellini, Ministry of Ecological Transition

12.10-12.30 The green prospective in Horizon Europe: the evolution in the new European framework programme for Research and Innovation
Serena Borgna, Head of institutional activities department, APRE

12.30-13.00 From the past for a better implementation toward the future: lesson taken for HE

Roundtable discussion with G. De Santis, D. Beckers (TBC), R. Liberali, R.Tomellini, N. Amodio.

13.00-13.30 Discussion and Closure (by the chairs)