• Venerdì 29 Ottobre 2021
  • 10:00 - 13:30
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  • Sala Diotallevi 1 Hall Sud
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Organized by: Ecomondo Scientific Technical Committee, Legambiente, University of Siena, Life Muscles                                    

Nets and tools from fishing and aquaculture activities, lost or abandoned or thrown into the sea, represent about 27% of the plastic waste found on European beaches and a greater proportion in weight, reaching up to 11 thousand tons per year. At EU level only 1,5% of fishing gears are recycled. Impacts on marine fauna, including fish stocks are several and still underestimated. These important economic sectors generate and, in turn, suffer the impact of waste dispersed in the marine environment, and there is a need to accelerate the development of a circular economy strategy approach. Awareness activities and direct involvement of fishermen and acquafarmers in collecting marine waste and used nets are essential to make this important sector more sustainable. Virtuous experiences of recycling and experimentation of new less impacting materials are already active and planned, they have to be promoted and expanded. Effective cross-border and cross sector cooperation in the implementation of existing policies and exchanging best practices could help to act at the Mediterranean scale. The conference will deliver practical case studies, experiences and policies to take stock of the situation at European and Mediterranean level.

Section Chairs

Stefano Ciafani, President of Legambiente
Fabio Fava, University of Bologna & President of the Scientific Committee of Ecomondo
Cristina Fossi, University of Siena


10.00 Introduction 
Life Muscles, overview of the new project 
Elisa Scocchera, scientific office of Legambiente

10.20 Technical experiences
Moderated by Cristina Fossi, University of Siena

Cristina Panti, University of Siena
The use of bioplastics in aquaculture: a multidisciplinary approach to evaluate degradation properties and biological responses in marine organisms

Loris Pietrelli, scientific committee of Legambiente
Mussel net recovery and recycling: from the laboratory to the plant

Flavia Vigoriti, Novamont

Alessio Bonaldo, University of Bologna
Mitigation actions to reduce plastic in fish farming

Anastasia Xaritou, iSea
The Plastic Busters MPAs demo on addressing abandoned, lost and discarded derelict fishing gear (ALDFG) at Thermaikos Gulf Protected Areas

Dr. Amel Ismail, Blue Biotechnology & Aquatic Bioproducts, INSTM
Tunisian project on biomaterial from marine algae

Carlo Franzosini, Miramare Marine Protected Area
MITILICOLTURE ZERO PLASTIC, Mussel farming: a sustainable production activity that can become "greener"

Sana Ben Ismail, INSTM
Engaging fishermen in tackling marine litter

12.30-13.30 Round table
Christos Ioakeimidis, UnepMap
Angelo Salsi, Commissione Europea - Capo Unità CINEA LIFE Environment (Nature & Circular Economy)
Francesca Ronchi, ISPRA
Eraldo Rambaldi, AMA
Comandante Colarossi Mauro, Mipaaf
Federica Barbera, Sea and fishery officer, Protected areas and biodiversity conservation department, Legambiente

13.30 Discussion and Closure (by the chairs)