• Giovedì 28 Ottobre 2021
  • 14:00 - 17:30
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  • Sala Ravezzi 1 Hall Sud
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Organized by: International Solid Waste Association, supported by Ecomondo Scientific Technical Committee

In 2015, the Global Waste Management Outlook (GWMO) provided a scientific global assessment on the state of waste management and a call for action to the international community. The GWMO estimated at that time that 2 billion people worldwide lacked access to a basic waste collection service, while around 3 billion lacked access to controlled disposal services for municipal solid wastes.

Where are we now? Recently ISWA launched the report: The Future of The Waste Management Sector: Trends, Opportunities and Challenges for the Decade, which highlights the key issues around the transition to a circular economy, the role waste management will play in achieving the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), and combatting climate change.

During this conference several experts will speak on how they see the future of global waste management both worldwide as in Mediterranean countries.
In the last hour we will focus on an important topic of sustainable waste management, organic waste recycling in Mediterranean countries. An interesting panel from and several experts will join the stage and give you tangible insights into sustainability and organic waste recycling.  

Section Chairs

Carlos Silva Filho, ISWA (International Solid Waste Association) President and CEO of ABRELPE
Luciano Piacenti, ATIAISWA ITALIA
Marco Ricci, (CIC Italian Composting and Biogas Association, ISWA)


14.00 Opening session (Institutional speeches)

14.05 Welcome by ISWA - Carlos Silva, President
Welcome by Ecomondo - Fabio Fava, Chair of the Scientific Technical Committee

14.20 Panel discussion – Outlooks on Global Waste Management
Session Chair: Luciano Piacenti, ATIAISWA ITALIA

Topic and Pannelist

The making of the 10 years Outlook on the management of MSW
Aditi Ramolla, ISWA 

Ms. Symbat Mukhayeva, Kazwaste Association

The state of art of Waste Management in Italy
Andrea Eleuteri, ATIAISWA ITALIA

The state of art of Waste Management in Algeria
Mohamed Karim OUAMANEAND – AND

NextChem's business model for circular economy industrial plants
Alessia Borgogna, Nextchem Gruppo Maire Tecnimont 

Recyclability of different EOL materials: wood waste, automotive shredded residues, and dismantled wind turbine blades. Results of the Ecobulk project
Gennaro Gentile, IPCB CNR Pozzuoli (Naples)

New sustainable materials and processes based on the recycling and the reuse of plastic and biomass wastes
Maurizio Avella, IPCB-CNR Pozzuoli (Naples) 

15.20 Q&A

15.30 Break

15.45 Panel discussion – Organic Waste Recycling in Mediterranean Countries
Session Chair: Marco Ricci (CIC Italian Composting and Biogas Association, ISWA)

Topic and Pannelist

The value of Compost in Italy
Jane Gilbert, Carbon Clarity for CIC Italian Composting and Biogas Association

The Strategy for Organic Waste Recycling
Francesc Giro, Catalan Waste Agency

Management of organic waste by a Regional Company 
Susana Lopes, LIPOR, Greater Porto Region

The state of art of Organic Waste Management in Algeria
Mohamed Karim Ouamaneand, AND

The potential of compost in climate change from an European Perspective
Stefanie Siebert, ECN European Compost Network

16.45 Q&A