Organized by: Interreg MED Green Growth, Blue Growth, Renewable Energy, Urban transports, Sustainable Tourism and Biodiversity Protection Communities

We believe that a sustainable development for the Mediterranean region is achievable if we succeed in making the proactive attitude of multiple stakeholders converge to tackle strategic challenges on a given territory. However, nurturing the interregional cooperation dimension is essential to share knowledge and to keep a more holistic approach to tackle global issues such as climate change, depletion of non-renewable resources, as well as land, water and sea pollution.
Since November 2016, more than 800 private and public organisations have joined forces in the framework of the Interreg MED programme to promote a sustainable lifestyle and competitiveness, a more participative governance, circular bioeconomy and innovation for sustainability in the Mediterranean region.
Representatives from six Interreg MED thematic communities will present their achievements and share their challenges with private companies, local public authorities and international organisations, and invite them to discuss on three strategic axes for the future of the Mediterranean region: “Circular Bioeconomy opportunities and challenges in the MED area”; “Innovation for sustainability in the MED Area”; and “Governance, citizens awareness and participation for a Sustainable Mediterranean”.

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Alexia Boulanger, Environment Park – Renewable Energy community


14.00 Registration

14.10 Eleni Papazacharopoulou, Interreg MED programme Joint Secretariat
Welcome and introduction of the Interreg MED programme

14.20 Cynthia Echave, BCN Ecologia – Renewable Energy community
Ermete Mariani, UNIMED - Urban transports, Sustainable Tourism and Biodiversity Protection communities
Mercè Boy Roura, BETA Tech Center - University of Vic / Central University of Catalonia – Green Growth community
The Interreg MED Communities for a sustainable Mediterranean

15.00 First panel - Circular Bioeconomy opportunities and challenges in the MED area

The first panel will make a debrief on the state-of-the-art of waste management and circular bioeconomy initiatives in sectors such as agro-food, manufacturing, energy production, transportation and tourism and will answer questions such as: How can various actors overcome regional challenges such as marine litter? How can circular bioeconomy principles and approaches be used to construct the resilience of the MED territories facing climate change challenges?

Moderator: Ana-Maria Paladus, Fondazione Ecosistemi - Green Growth community

Giacomo Copani, STIIMA-CNR - GREENOMED project
Stefania di Vito, Legambiente - MEDSEALITTER project
Paolo Castrignanò, Sicily Region - ForBioEnergy project
Giulia Goffetti, University of Siena - MAESTRALE project
Paolo Marengo, ACR+ - BlueIslands project
Federica Appioli, IUAV and Delta Po Park, Co-Evolve project

16.00 Second panel - Innovation for sustainability in the MED Area

The second panel will highlight the technical and organisational sustainability innovation potential of the MED territories and will provide heterogenous perspectives on questions such as: What are the water, energy and other resources challenges for the MED area? What are the managerial innovative approaches of SMEs and public authorities? What technical innovation measures are currently deployed by clusters and industry? What are the most dynamic sectors from a sustainability innovation perspective?

Moderator: Mirko Djurovic, Montenegro University - Blue Growth Community

Alexandros Papachatzis, Technological Education Institute of Thessaly - MED Greenhouses project
Davide Astiaso Garcia, Sapienza University of Rome - PRISMI project
Dario Bertocchi, Ca’ Foscari University - ShapeTourism project
Andrea Bardi, ITL - Institute for Transport and Logistics - SUMPORT project
Federica Foglini, CNR - AMARE project
Raimondi Attilio, Emilia-Romagna region / ASTER - MISTRAL project

17.00 Third panel - Governance, citizens awareness and participation for a Sustainable Mediterranean

The third panel will analyze new governance models and how changing behaviours can have a relevant impact for better lifestyles in the Mediterranean cities and will answer questions such as: What are the sustainability governance and citizens awareness challenges in the MED area? How can we improve the participation of citizens in the elaboration and deployment of sustainability policies? What best practices exist in the MED territories?

Moderator: Ermete Mariani, UNIMED – Urban transports, Sustainable Tourism and Biodiversity Protection communities

Michele Colavito, Italian Agency for Territorial Cohesion - PANORAMED project
Francesca Villani, Metropolitan City of Bologna - MADRE project
Francesco Filippi, Mussol - Local4Green project
Francesca Liguori, ARPA Veneto - REMEDIO project
Claudio Perin, Veneto Region - WETNET project