Palinsesto Convegnistico
  • Martedì 7 Novembre 2023
  • 10:00 - 17:30
  • Memo
  • Agorà Tiberio - Water Cycle Area pad. B8
  • inglese
  • a cura di Ecomondo Scientific Technical Committee & European Commission JRC, Water Europe, WATER JPI, Marche Polytechnic University
  • with speeches and posters from the Call for Papers 2023

Zero pollution and circular economy should be achieved within climate change challenges and nexus optimization, with support of digital solutions. Synergized European innovation actions can inspire both scale-up and replication of ecoinnovative solutions together with systemic change. The workshop will bring together partners of European projects with industries, public and private stakeholders that are implementing large innovations. A specific focus on Balkan and Mediterranean areas will be prioritized.

Session Chairs

Andrea Rubini, Technical Scientific Committee of ECOMONDO, Water Europe
Francesco Fatone, Technical Scientific Committee of ECOMONDO, Marche Polytechnic University


10.00-10.10 Introduction by the chairs

10.10-10.25 The zero pollution and circular economy challenges in Horizon Europe: framework of water-related funded projects
A. Berczik, European Commission, Deputy Head of Unit, REA.B.3, Biodiversity, Circular Economy and Environment

10.25-10.40 ZeroPollution4Water Cluster: building a Water-Smart Society through Collaborative Innovations for Effective Water Management and Policy Impact
Andrea Rubini, ZP4W Cluster Coordinator, Water Europe.

10.40-11.05 SESSION: Urban Runoff Management


Session chairs and problem owners

10.50-11.05 WATERUN ( innovative methodology to contribute to the implementation of urban water runoff (UWR) management plans in cities based on the Water-Sensitive Urban Design (WSUD) concept
Luz Herrero Castilla, AIMEN (Spain)

11.05-11.20 STOP-UP ( protecting aquatic environment from urban runoff pollution
Vittorio Di Federico, University of Bologna, Italy



11.25-11.40 AQUASPICE ( Advancing Sustainability of Process Industries through Digital and Circular Water Use Innovations – focus on Terneuzen and Rosignano petrochemical areas
George Arampatzis (Technical Coordinator - Greece)

11.40-11.55 iWAYS ( Water closed loop in industrial processes
Luca Montorsi (Coordinator – Italy)

11.55-12.30 SESSION: Digitalization to support zero pollution and circular water economy

11.55-12.25 ICT4WATER CLUSTER: results from clustered projects and recent publications

Framework, Digitalization, risk management and decision support
Evina Katsou, Brunel University of London (UK)

Digital Water 2020 and asset management
Nicolas Caradot, Berlin Competence for Water (UK)


12.25-12.40 H2020 PROMISCES - PFAS and Persistent Mobile Chemicals in the Treatment and Circular Management of Environmental Matrices: Results in the 2nd Year of Activity of the Italian Cluster
Marco Lazzazzara1, Giancarlo Cecchini1, 2, Alessandro Frugis1, Maria Grazia Asci2, Daniele Matteucci2, Paolo Crocetti 2, Massimiliano Sgroi3, Nicola Lancioni3, Francesco Fatone3 1Acea Elabori S.p.A., 2SIMAM SpA, 3Università Politecnica delle Marche

12.40-12.55 LIFE BLUE LAKES focus on microplastics occurrence and removal in water infrastructure
Anna Laura Eusebi and Stefania Gorbi, Università Politecnica delle Marche

12.55 - 13.10 Manta River 2 - project presentation of analytical methodologies and estimates of microplastics found in the river Po
Fernanda Moroni1, Silvia Serranti2, Cristina Mazziotti3 1Autorità di bacino distrettuale del fiume Po, 2Università Sapienza di Roma, 3ARPAE Emilia-Romagna

Session Chairs

Esther Diez, Water JPI Coordinator and Water4All Task Leader, French National Research Agency
Giuseppina Monacelli, Water JPI


14.00-14.10 Introduction by the chairs

14.10-14.30 Water JPI and Water4All: current progress and alignment or R&D framework
Esther Diez and Mariachiara Sole


MarAdentro: based on the results of the project, they have set up a demonstration wastewater treatment plant for a company
Silvia Díaz Cruz - IDAEA CSIC (Spagna)

EviBAN: good interaction with stakeholders, and have developed management tools that are user-friendly for users who are not familiar with the technology
Herman Helness - SINTEF (Norvegia)

AteNas: developed a “cookbook” on Nature Based Solution implementation for stakeholders
Kinga Krauze - ERCE UNESCO (Polonia)

Bloowater “Supporting tools for the integrated management of drinking water reservoirs contaminated by Cyanobacteria and cyanotoxins”
Maria Sighicelli - ENEA and Anna Laura Eusebi Università Politecnica delle Marche

15.45-16.15 PRIMA Program

SURE NEXUS ( translate conceptual NEXUS into practical solutions and develop a set of alternative socio-ecological and technical systems
Jordi Morato, Politechnic University of Catalunya, Spain (TBC)

BONEX ( – providing practical adapted tools to facilitate the practical implementation of the WEFE nexus in the Mediterranean
Rafael Casielles Restoy, BIOAZUL, Spain (TBC)

16.15-16.30 Interreg Euro-MED Innovative Sustainable Economy (ISE) Mission

Advancing the transition towards Innovative Sustainable Economy in the Mediterranean: the power of long-term cooperation!
Maria Calderó Pascual, BETA Technological Center (UVic-UCC), Spain. Alessandro Daraio, Emilia-Romagna Region, Italy. Mercè Boy Roura, BETA Technological Center (UVic-UCC), Spain.

16.30-16.45 EU Missions in Horizon Europe

CARDIMED - Climate Adaptation and Resilience Demonstrated in the Mediterranean Region
Simos Malamis – Project Coordinator – National Technical University of Athens (NTUA), Greece


16.45-17.00 LIFE I'M TAN: Synergic approach to reduced water consumption in leather tanning
Valentina Beghetto,1,2 S. Conca,1 V. Gatto,1 R. Samiolo,1 M. Facchin,2  N. Bardella 1 1  Crossing Srl, Treviso, Italy 2 Department of Molecular Sciences and Nanosystems, University Ca’ Foscari Venice, Italy

17.00 Open discussion for impact assessment

Speakers and public


1. Integrated Water Service and Nature-based Solutions to increase circularity through Environmental and Resource Costs internalisation: the case of the Brenta river area (Northern Italy)
Giulia Amato, Etifor Srl Società Benefit Giacomo Laghetto, Etifor Srl Società Benefit Mauro Masiero, Università degli Studi di Padova Alessandro Leonardi, Etifor Srl Società Benefit Giuseppina Cristofani, Consiglio di Bacino Brenta

2. Screening spettrofotometrico nell'uv dell'acqua destinata al consumo umano
Tommaso Pagliani, SASILab – Società Abruzzese per il Servizio Idrico integrato SpA

3. Batterie esauste catalizzano la sostenibilità del fashion (e la ZDHC)
M. Casadei, F. Capoti, M. Ferraglio, G. Rissone

4. Water safety plan of the water supply chain: an example of flow cytometry application in operational monitoring
Barbara Lovisetto, Federica Dimasi - Etra SpA

5. Sustainability and circular economy related to water resource: resource management and reuse. Good cases of circular water solutions in the city of Bologna.
Federico Katia, Università Iuav di Venezia Cappellaro Francesca, ENEA - C.R. Bologna Lucertini Giulia, Università Iuav di Venezia Ferraris Marco, ENEA - C.R. Bologna, Barberio Grazia, ENEA - C.R. Casaccia

6. Innovative Collaboration with between QualiCal and SINERGIA is Reinventing Lime & CO2 Around You
Carlo Cella, Francesco Cella

7. La bonifica nei siti complessi – L’esperienza del SIN di Gela
Erika Cascelli, Technical Manager Eni Rewind

8. How to efficiently treat highly polluted and extremely variable wastewater in a landfill: the evaporation technology as a solution to treat eluates and by-side streams to close the cycle
Cristina Del Piccolo Chief Technical Officer Veolia Water Technologies Italia Spa - Solutions Division

9. Safe water reuse in peri-urban areas: mobile tools for enhanced water demand and supply match-making
Desdemona Oliva, Direttore Ricerca e Sviluppo

10. Monitoring Drinking Supply Water System Change under a Warming Climate
Simonre Sregorio, Sabrina Sorlini, Tran Thi Kim Hoan Department of Civil, Environmental, Architectural Engineering, and Mathematics University of Brescia

11. Pre-localization of water leaks using Cosmic-Rays Neutron Sensing technology
Luca Morselli Finapp S.r.l., Barbara Biasuzzi Finapp S.r.l.,  Enrico Gazzola Finapp S.r.l., Marcello Lunardon Dipartimento di Fisica e Astronomia, Università degli studi di Padova Luca Stevanato Finapp S.r.l.

12. Digital, energy and water efficiency: technologies and solutions for a conscious and efficient use of water resources and energy consumption.
Luca Pisarra, technology innovation manager for Omnicon SGR

13. The Alliance for Water Stewardship in Europe: The innovative and synergic model for water challenges
Beatrice Bizzaro, Eugenio Capponi, Ilaria Troncia - HPC Italia S.r.l., 
Andrea Alberton, Cristina Tonini - Philip Morris Manufacturing and Technology Bologna