Ecomondo 2022
  • Venerdì 11 Novembre 2022
  • 14:00 - 17:00
  • Memo
  • Sala Global Water Expo pad. D1
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Organized by: Water JPI

Launched in 2011, the Water JPI is a Member States-driven initiative that aims to achieve sustainable water systems through a wide range of activities. The Water JPI has supported more than a hundred research and innovation projects in the areas of water pollution, water technologies, ecosystems and biodiversity, water quantity in the face of hydroclimatic extreme events and international cooperation. In order to make a real impact on our society, the Water JPI wishes to implement a valorisation-oriented strategy through which most promising results can be further promoted to support policy making or enhance their market uptake. In this context, the aims of this seminar are: (i) To tease out existing barriers for the valorisation of research results for policy or market use; (ii) to identify possible strategies for valorisation at both the European and international levels, in cooperation with project coordinators and the audience; (iii) to come up with an action plan based upon key lessons and recommendations.   

Session Chairs

Esther Diez Cebollero, Water JPI Coordinator
Giuseppina Monacelli, Water JPI Chair


14.00-14.15 Presentation of the Water JPI and the objectives of the workshop
Esther Diez Cebollero, Water JPI Coordinator
Giuseppina Monacelli, Water JPI Chair

14.20-15.45 Projects presentation

14.20-14.35 MARadentro
Dr. Silvia Díaz Cruz

14.35-14.50 iAquaduct
Pr. Salvatore Manfreda

14.50-15.05 Bloowater
Maria Sighicelli, PHD

15.05-15.20 FLUXMED
Dr. Serena Sirigu

15.20-15.35 SIMTWIST
Dr. Elena Toth

15.45-16.45 Introduction -  The WHOW  project experience on data sharing. Round table and discussion
Dr. Marco Picone ISPRA 

Projects coordinators and chairs

16.45-17.00 Further steps: Presentation of Water4All, conclusion and remarks
Esther Diez Cebellero